Ali Delaram

A history of success

In addition to being a powerful 3rd generation medium and spiritual psychic; Ali is a trusted business consultant, real estate investor, philanthropist, speaker & mediator.

He studied business, philosophies and spirituality with a teacher that was very disciplined.

Responsible for starting and operating multiple 6 and multi 7 figure businesses. With over 23 years of active entrepreneurial experience and yielded over billion sales and 38 exits. 

Founder & CEO of Delaram Investment Management LLC. (DIM) International investment firm with projects in real estate development, investment banking, medical research, technology, wireless networks, financial services institutional and mutual fund building, development and sales, wholesale syndications and the development of investment pools for large financial institutions and international government agencies.

Also Active California Athletic Commission License & Professional Boxing Promoter and Matchmaker.

Dishnetwork, Directv, Cox, AT&T, Nextel, Sprint, Tmobil, UPS are just a few companies Ali had associated with.

In his free time he enjoys exotic cars, foreign travel, dogs, and Jiu Jitsu.